La bocca mi baciò tutto tremante

Unfortunately Paolo and Francesca lived the times of the Renaissance and they touched hell. Fortunately, this inconvenience could soon become a distant memory!

Galeotto fu quel libro smartphone e chi lo scrisse Kiss-o-Gram: quel giorno più non ci scrivemmo avante.
Dante Alighieri
This, in our days, thanks to an invention developed by the Imagineering Institute whose mission is "Invent the Future of Internet" in Malaysia.
Kiss-o-Gram is a hardware device that can be applied to a smartphone.  It is equipped with a soft silicone pad on which to place the lips.  Many sensors contained in the bearing read the shape, the pressure and the heat of the kiss and transmit it via internet, in real time, to the twin device owned by the interlocutor.
And who better than Gleeden, a specific dating site for the entertainment of married people could it promote it and promote it?
Kiss-o-Gram integrates seamlessly with the Gleeden app and is activated through the platform's chat and messaging service, allowing remote lovers to exchange sweet effusions during their virtual exchanges.
The person on the other side will be able to feel the "kiss" of the beloved on the skin or lips. The feeling, they assure from Gleeden, is very realistic and almost exactly follows that of a real kiss.
Isn't it romantic?

kissogramThe lack of a spontaneous and constant physical contact is what afflicts the majority of clandestine couples, forced to limit their encounters and effusions to the few moments that manage to carve out in their everyday lives.

"We are testing Kiss-o-Gram in France, but it will soon be available in other countries, including Italy."
Kiss-o-Gram will be active for over 5 million Gleeden members starting from the next update of the app. At the moment only the iOS version is available, compatible with all iPhone models equipped with a lightning connector (iPhone 5 onwards), in advance on the Gleeden L’Amanturière boutique at the promotional price of € 99.99 for the pair.
 The editors of Berlin 89 are plotting to have a simplified version of Kiss-o-Gram (disposable) which will offer its "donors" who will be able to try the thrill of "The kiss of Judas!"
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Mai riuscito a rispondere compiutamente alle uniche importanti domande della vita: “quanto costa?”, “quanto ci guadagno?”. Quindi “so e non so perché lo faccio …” ma lo devo fare perché sono curioso. Assecondami.

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